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Certifiable Cinema’s Death Chase 2012!

The second event for Bottle Cap Presentations was a cult movie screening at the video game bar: Kyoto Lounge in Manchester. At the event they would screen three cult 1970s driving movies and the attendees could also play popular driving video games.

I was first asked to design two logos for the Bottle Cap Presentations line of events Certifiable Cinema and Certifiable Games. Below are the final two logos chosen by the client. They wanted the Cinema logo to be inside an old scratched 35mm film frame.

They also wanted a logo and poster designing for the “Death Chase 2012” cult movie screenings. The brief was to create grind-house 1960/1970 movie poster inspired artwork incorporating the driving theme. Below is the Final artwork I created:

What I loved about the old 1970’s movie posters was that they were extremely over the top with huge title logos and bright punchy colours. I wanted to incorporate this into my design. The main car image is taken from one of the video games played at the event: “Driver: San Francisco”.

This was my favourite design so far, I loved getting in the mid set of the old grind-house poster designers to create a vibrant, punchy in your face design.

My design was printed on flyers and handed out around Manchester University which helped create a really successful event! Fun Stuff! 🙂


Bottle Cap Presentations presents “The Games”

The first event for Bottle Cap presentations was a “FIFA 12” football tournament on the cinema screen. This was intended to be the first in a series of video game tournaments in the cinema that would be under the title of “The Games” (inspired by the movie TRON) Cool Beans 🙂

My brief was to design a Logo and a poster to advertise the event. I was to incorporate design elements from the movie TRON and have elements relating to the “FIFA 12” video game and the fact the event will staged for the first time in a cinema on the big screen.

Above is the logo I designed for the events. I used the movie TRON for the inspiration for the title, using the iconic blue neon associated to the movie. This was so that the target audience of gamers would make this initial link to the movie where people get trapped in a video game world. I used the video game controller as the “M” in the logo to really cement the fact that this is a video game event. I also used quite a cinematic type font to link it back to the cinema and also as I knew this would be used on a poster that would be displayed at the cinema.

Below is the final poster I created for the event in Photoshop.

The client was extremely happy with the final poster. I had taken over designing the poster from someone else who’s designs were very cluttered and unpolished the information the client wanted to get across was lost in the poster and so I was asked to start from scratch. What they were most pleased with about my poster was the sleek professional finish and the clear message the artwork put across.

I love the final design it was fun to mash together all the elements of the event to create the poster. It was also a great experience as it allowed me to take on board my clients changes and opinions which in turn created artwork that they were happy and confident in to sell their event. 🙂

My artwork did successfully generate a buzz and interest in the event and sold a lot of tickets but the logistics of the event were overlooked. They could handle the 150 plus competitors but failed to account for the spectators and friends of the competitors who would turn up to watch. Meaning they had a 200 seater screen booked at the cinema but could end up with over 300 people attending. They also didn’t account for what the competitors and spectators would do in between matches when they were not playing. Ultimately the organisers cancelled the event and took it back to the drawing board to sort out. 😦

Having worked in the cinema that this event was conceived I was able to play a number of games on the big screen in the testing of the event. I have to say this is a great idea its just as fun as you would imagine playing your favourite video games on a GIANT screen would be! Halo, Assassin’s Creed, Red Dead Redemption and Sonic and SEGA All Star Racing were all personal highlights. The event just needs the kinks ironing out before they can make it viable. But when they do I’ll be first in line! 🙂

Bottle Cap Presentations Logo

In March of this year, having been bitten by the Design Bug I approached a friend who was starting a new events company in the view to hopefully design his company’s logos. He was a little unsure at first due to my lack of experience but I persuaded him to let me have a try.

The company is called “Bottle Cap Presentations”, the brief was to create a logo and letter head banner for the company. The company was initially created to stage video game tournaments on a cinema screen and also to hold cult movie screenings (awesome stuff I know!). The bottle cap in the name is inspired by the popular video game “Fallout” where bottle caps are used as currency. In this game they use a lot of 1950’s style artwork and advertisements in particular work like the Coke a Cola style posters and designs.

So this is the direction I took my designs, I wanted the company’s target audience to make that instant connection with the company and this cult video game and to emulate the stylish 1950’s Coke advertisements.

At the top of this post is the final Banner chosen and below is the final logo.

I really enjoyed this brief it was great researching the 1950’s advertisements and fonts to create that striking look. My friend was really pleased with the end result he was so happy with the balance of emulating the “Fallout” video game’s style but also having his own original brand identity. He was so pleased in fact he put me straight onto logo designs for the events them selves and poster artwork to advertise them! Yay! 😀

More to follow………….

Dolly Pops Logo

Early this year I was approached by the cake company “Jelly Tots and Dolly Mixtures” (Manchester) to design a logo for their new sister company “Dolly Pops”. The brief was to create a design that both represented their new product but also stuck with their current aesthetic and colour scheme.

Below are some of the initial designs I presented to the client:

After discussing the designs with the client they decided with a design which closely mirrored their existing design but also incorporated the simple cake pop image.
Below is the final Logo:

Company information:

– Jelly Tots and Dolly Mixtures website:
– Jelly Tots and Dolly Mixtures Facebook page:
– Dolly Pops Facebook Page:

I loved doing these designs, before this work the idea of doing graphic and logo design hadn’t really occurred to me but having enjoyed the process so much and the great response from the client I can now see it as a possible future career! It was also really inspiring to see my design on sale in their two shops and in Selfridges store, good stuff! 🙂